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Estate Sales

Change is never easy. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, downsizing your estate, or looking to liquidate your assets; Lee’s can come up with a plan to fit your unique needs. We offer a few estate services to get the job done efficiently. We can hold the sale inside your home. This is the traditional method and the process includes the preparation of sale, total removal/ disposal of all leftover items (as directed by client), and a deep clean of home if you wish.

However, if you are not a fan of strangers in your home, Lee’s offers consignment estate sales at our storefront on Hampton. This has been a better option for clients outside of the city limits, to maximize foot traffic. This option also allows multiple weekend sales, resulting in more items sold and more money in your pocket.

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Lee’s estate services include local auctions in the city of St. Louis. We will pick up all of your items to be sold, store them, and conduct an online auction for 1 week. Any items not sold can be returned to you, donated, or put on consignment sale at our storefront on Hampton Ave.

Click Inquire below to submit a request to our team. Someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Estate Buyouts / Cleanouts

If you are faced with a large (or small) estate and you would like to get it out of the way as quickly as possible, a buyout or clean out would be your best option of all the estate services we offer. A representative will come to you for a FREE consultation and evaluate the potential value of your estate. We will decide if Lee’s is going to buyout your estate, meaning give you one lump sum in exchange for the entire amount of items you have. Or we will provide you with a quote for our junk removal services. This option is better for out-of-state relatives who don’t have time to handle the estate of a loved one OR real estate agents faced with a mess left behind.

Lee's Estate Services
Satisfied Customers

Leanne was a wonder for us. She helped us move our “moving” project forward. We were also happy that she allowed us to be in our home for her estate sale which we were very happy with. I would recommend Leanne to anyone for her skills and positive attitude.

Hessie Needle

Leanne has been absolutely amazing! I hired her to help me around the house while I treat a back injury and she has gone above and beyond. She’s so quick and efficient, I’m getting more done around the house than I thought I would. I took advantage of her organization skills as well and I’m finally getting some projects done around the house that I’ve been putting off. I’m so incredibly happy with everything she has done for me.


I hired Leanne to tackle a large project with a large home and 2 additional small buildings and I have to say not only was everything handled in a timely manner but becaus of her business model the cost was very fair. It was a lot of work and she handled everything and then some. I would highly recommend her and will be using her again.

Everyone this lady is a hard worker…Leanne helped me pack up my house for a move, and helped me get it clean to show…she is respectful and works efficiently to get the job done…She also helped me get rid of items we didn’t need and food to the local food give away…Thanks Leanne !! My husband and I couldn’t have finished without you !!
I have used Leanne Whitney’s services. Of all the different companies in the past 40 years I have used to clean out homes after an estate sale, she has been by far the most thorough of all. I could give her the key to the home, walk away and never worry about the condition the home is it. The most important thing is “Trust.” Please feel free to call me for a personal reference.
Floyd D Harrison DBA Estate & Business Auctioneer Liquidator 314-230-6470